Adam Carolla


You might know him from ‘The Man Show’ where he co-created and co-hosted alongside Jimmy Kimmel. Or perhaps remember him from the 1995-2005 radio call-in program ‘Loveline’ with Dr. Drew Pinsky. How about the comedy show ‘Crank Yankers’? Adam Carolla has spent decades successfully entertaining his audiences with quick, witty, humorous commentaries and one-liners. He’s been a contestant on several celebrity reality competitions including ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’. Since 2010, Adam has hosted the widely successful podcast “The Adam Carolla Show” which in 2011 set the Guinness World Record for most downloaded podcast. An automotive and vehicle aficionado, Adam is a perfect match for the entertainment and presence desired at the Aftermarket Jackpot Live – High Stakes edition this November. Follow his Twitter & Instagram @AdamCarolla , or listen to his podcast “The Adam Carolla Show” with new episodes every weekday, available wherever you listen to podcasts.